FACTORY GOLINELLI - center for knowledge and culture - opened October 3, 2015

Promoter: Foundation Golinelli - Architectonic design: diverserighestudio - Location: Italy, Bologna

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7800 square metres of compact polycarbonate covering and 4400 square metres of skin on six coverings produced in 90 consecutive calendar days at the Catania Shopping Centre, Misterbianco (Sicily).

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2900 square metres of compact polycarbonate covering at the Marco Polo airport of Venice: among the largest coverings made of this material in Europe (produced in collaboration with Bayer)

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Technology and production


From our point of view, technology is a mean, an instrument to implement customers’ expectations and grant both practical and esthetical objective advantages to the buildings.

We are convinced that technology does not need to be refined and pushed to the limits only as a pure demonstration of innovative spirit. Instead, it should be a useful, rational and functional instrument finalised to obtaining the success of the project.

We approve adequate technology, which has already been tested and used, to fully enhance technical and aesthetic characteristics of production.

On the other hand, when the project requires something new, then we create it, yet still remain within a realistic, productive and aesthetically inspiring view.


Our behaviour towards production reflects the same professionalism we conceive for technology and it is for this reason that we stand before our customer as the sole reference point. For any doubt, problem or delay we insist on being the sole contacts. Thanks to the love for our work, we always give our best and ensure our greatest reliability to avoid mishaps or misunderstandings and to always fulfil our commitment with success and within the scheduled times.