FACTORY GOLINELLI - center for knowledge and culture - opened October 3, 2015

Promoter: Foundation Golinelli - Architectonic design: diverserighestudio - Location: Italy, Bologna

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7800 square metres of compact polycarbonate covering and 4400 square metres of skin on six coverings produced in 90 consecutive calendar days at the Catania Shopping Centre, Misterbianco (Sicily).

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2900 square metres of compact polycarbonate covering at the Marco Polo airport of Venice: among the largest coverings made of this material in Europe (produced in collaboration with Bayer)

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Our way of working

The customer will be satisfied only if his idea comes true. For this reason, we think it is fundamental to listen to our customers right from the first time we meet. It is obvious that along the way new suggestions and ideas will arise, mostly thanks to the long-term experience and passion for excellent results of the team in charge of fulfilling the customer’s request. One point is fixed: our job is only focused on the customer and on his needs (and not vice-versa).

It is from here that another important rule originates: that of anticipating and facing, during the design phases, any possible problems that may arise during production. We do not wish to deceive our customer with false results: for this reason, if we are not convinced about a solution, we will suggest different alternatives, whose success is guaranteed by our experience.

During the design phase we also choose our partner companies and trusted suppliers. Participation, listening and commitment: as the project advances, a tight-knit and competitive team is formed. And the project becomes a challenge.

Once the project has been approved, the timeframe decided and the terms accepted, work begins. Workers and competences are many but the reference, guarantor of the contract, is and remains only one until completion of all works: Lazzaro srl.