FACTORY GOLINELLI - center for knowledge and culture - opened October 3, 2015

Promoter: Foundation Golinelli - Architectonic design: diverserighestudio - Location: Italy, Bologna

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7800 square metres of compact polycarbonate covering and 4400 square metres of skin on six coverings produced in 90 consecutive calendar days at the Catania Shopping Centre, Misterbianco (Sicily).

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2900 square metres of compact polycarbonate covering at the Marco Polo airport of Venice: among the largest coverings made of this material in Europe (produced in collaboration with Bayer)

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Company history

Why is the history of a company written?
For many it is only something that "must not be skipped".

We firmly believe that this is a way of presenting ourselves and sharing our future with our customers.

Lazzaro Srl is born from the passion of a man for plastic materials. We are in the sixties, a period characterised by great experimentation in this field. In 1954, Moplen (isotactic polypropylene) was born. It would only be a few years later that Ziegler and Natta would share the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their studies on polymers. These were incredible potentialities that only a man with a wide view could have seen in a small town of the Veneto region, a region still busy moving its economy from agriculture to industry.

This far-sightedness and the curiosity of experiencing new worlds had however already set the foundations for an important company that would start a constant growth on these values.

The first organisational structure, as a matter of fact, will be followed by others that will put an end to the creativity of the founder in constant innovation and technological research. It is soon that awareness of the value of teamwork will be added and will lead to the participation of different professionals so as to constantly obtain new contributions of ideas and knowledge and to guarantee customers concrete, effective and functional solutions both with regards to technology and design.

Today, Lazzaro Srl, with 15 employees and as many other indirect collaborators (self-employed workers or companies), is the benchmark for Europe in the field of coverings for large areas and plastic products. Moreover, it offers its clients a 360° service, from design to installation, professional and flawless in every aspect.

Energy, curiosity and the wish to put itself to the test to reach excellence: to understand the role that these elements play in Lazzaro Srl just read their story and find out…